We welcome prospective parents to the nursery and encourage them to book a show around with us at the most vibrant and busy periods in the day. We like to show our parents a snapshot of the day when all children are engaged and learning. We do encourage all prospective parents to bring their child(ren) with them when they visit so they also can explore the building as we show you around each area of the nursery, and provide you with the information relating to the different age groups. We do encourage a visit previous to registering as all settings are very different and offer a different vision of learning. The most important thing to gain from a visit is, the feeling you get when you visit, which helps you decide if it’s right for you and your child.

‘Booking slots – through small virtual diary’ and only two weeks ahead automatic dates to book from – 9.30 am and 3pm.  Then diary will email the nursery the details so we can organise a confirmation and call back. Parent Name, Email address, Mobile Number, Child Name, Date of Birth, Days/ Session required.

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