Our Vision

We aim to:

  • To create a positive and motivating environment that will, in turn, play a major role on your child’s future and development;
  • Provide stimulating and exciting opportunites that promote every child’s individual learning and development in unrivalled surroundings;
  • Develop and implement childcare services, which support the needs of all children, parents, carers and communities;
  • Ensure our staff are appropriatly supported, recognised and valued in fulfilling their roles; and
  • Ensure that quality is at the heart of our ethos.

Our Values

We will:

  • Provide a quality service;
  • Value all and treat each individual with respect and dignity;
  • Communicate effectivley; and
  • Share and live our vision every day.

Our behaviour

We will behave in a way that:

Nurtures, coaches and mentors, shares, empowers, empathises, role models and accepts responsibility.

We will also promote:

Positive attitudes, confidence, commitment, consistency, team work, integrity and effective communication.